Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Well, once again my last YouTube account has been 'suspended' (deleted) a few weeks ago .. hundreds of video's and over a million comments gone overnight .. oh well, it's just my 'virtual' life thank God !.
The question now is: do i start uploading video's to YouTube all over again or do i seek some alternative way to get my vid's 'out there' ?.
The plan for now is to start Disco-Tv soon (not using YouTube) and i'm well underway getting it all worked out and online soon !. Disco-Tv will be a mix of all kinds of Discomusic (Soul, Boogie, Italo, Electro and even some New-Wave + current Eurodisco stuff as well). For now there is a Test-Version online at the main site www.discoimperium.com where you can see the other content that's on the site as well.

For now here's Sylvia Love's new (2010) videomix of 'Cosmic Carousel' (Chris Eccles Remix).