Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sylvia Love .. "a Giorgio Moroder-ish electronic wonder" ..on Cd at last !!.

Over the years there have been a lot of great 'Disco Ladies' that have released a lot of great 'Electrodisco' tracks (ever since Donna Summer's "I Feel Love") and Sylvia Love has contributed to that list of all time favorite Electrodisco classics for sure !!. The 'Electro Disco' scene is getting a whole new lease of life nowadays as people from that generation are re-discovering it all over again .. but this time 'round these people (together with new and younger generations) don't want to just hear the commercial "I Feel Love" kinda tracks anymore but are also more into the somewhat lesser known tracks from that Era (1977 to 1987).
(Online) record companies + stores have been noticing this and are digitizing and releasing these tracks all over again, mostly on compilation Cd's and online.
Here are a few a great new releases on Cd from the 'Disco Discharge' Cd releases including all time electrodisco favorites: "Instant Love" (Disco Discharge - Disco Ladies) and "Extraterrestrial Lover" (Disco Discharge - Euro Disco) by Sylvia Love.

(quote: "Sylvia Love .. a Giorgio Moroder-ish electronic wonder").

These tracks are (cult) classics ti'll this very day (as they are still being played a lot on various internetradio streams, as well as being released on numerous (bootleg) compilations in the past). Here's Sylvia's 2nd release from 1979 "Extraterrestrial Lover"

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